Updates Archive

This is an archive of past updates, so we don't clog up the main updates pages. This page may get pretty long!

v0.2.65 - 5/1/2022 -🧲 More progress on making the site responsive. Added custom text highlight color. Completed Int and Ion's pages.
v0.2.6 - 4/30/2022 -🧲🧪 <details> styling changed. Added quote.js. Changed the layout to the System page. Began working on making the site responsive.
v0.2.5 - 4/28/2022 -🧲📱 Layout and aesthetic changes.
v0.2.3 - 4/23/2022 -🧲 Finalized Otherkin list, Fictionkin list, Pokékin list, Coping Links, and Questioning. Created Currently Fronting and Flags.
v0.2.0 - 4/17/2022 -🧲🧪🪶 Made adjustments to how the tooltips work on multiple pages. Created Updates Archive. Reformatted o/list.html, f/list.html, and f/pokelist.html.
v0.1.99 - 4/14/2022 -🧲 Began creation of Blog page. Completed creation of Groups page. Added info to 🔇 on Alters.
v0.1.95 - 4/12/2022 -🪶🧲 Added more information to Dictionary. Made changes to style.css. Finalized initial alter profile layout.
v0.1.9 - 4/11/2022 - 🧲 Started formatting Alters, Fictives, Fragments, Fusions, and Dictionary pages.
v0.1.8 - 4/9/2022 Began work on System pages. Added information to Unlisted system page. Started adding icons to Core/ID/Primary page. Added some information to Fictionkin List.
v0.1.6 - 4/7/2022 Reformatted index page. New pages o/list.html, f/list.html, and f/pokelist.html. New info on Questioning.
v0.1.4 - 4/4/2022 Added information to otherkin, fictionkin pages core/id/primary, secondary/tertiary, pokekin, and coping links. Created an 88x31 button for the site.
v0.1.3 - 4/2/2022-4/3/2022 Created guestbook. Made progress on about page. Changes on extended links. Started working on otherkin page. Layout/format changes. Reorganized dashboard. Began prep work for pages under kin.
v0.1.2 - 4/1/2022 Minor changes to layout, particularly left sidebar. Added tooltips code. Added extended links and directory pages. Completed byf and interests pages. Made progress on about page.
v0.1.0 - 3/31/2022 Began drafting about and kin pages. Edited left side bar.
v0.0.9 - 3/29/2022 Began work on multiple pages, fixed layout issues.

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